Founded Growth Enterprise Sdn Bhd ("Growth") with an initial plantation land bank of 161.88 hectares.


Ventured into palm-oil milling business via Berkat Setia Sdn Bhd ("Berkat").


The Group first mill namely Berkat Setia Mill commenced operation.


Consistent with the Group’s expansion, the second palm-oil mill named Sungai Ruku Mill started construction.


Sungai Ruku Mill was commissioned.

The Group undergone restructuring exercise and transferred its plantation and mills
(Excluding Natural Plantation Sdn Bhd) under the holding company of Ngin Kong Holding Sdn Bhd (“NKH”).


Further restructuring the Group’s plantation land bank through Natural by acquiring controlling stakes in NKH, Growth, Wenow Enterprise Sdn Bhd, Summer Focus Sdn Bhd and Syarikat Emashijau Sdn Bhd.


Synergy Series Sdn Bhd (“Synergy”) was incorporated as a private limited company.


Synergy changed its name to NPC Resources Sdn Bhd and subsequently converted into NPC Resources Berhad (NPC).


NPC acquired Natural Group and was listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Berhad on 7th May 2002 in an IPO exercise.


Internal restructuring of NPC Group via inter-company transfer of shares aimed at simplifying the ownership structure of companies, rationalization of operations and facilitation of dividend planning process within the Group.


Diversification into aquaculture industry through acquisition of 70% equity interests in Miracle Display Sdn Bhd and Better Prospects Sdn Bhd.


Diversification into hotel industry through acquisition of 100% equity interests in Berjaya Resort (Sabah) Sdn Bhd.

The Group further acquired the balance of 30% equity interests in Miracle Display Sdn Bhd and Better Prospects Sdn Bhd, both fishery operating companies become wholly- owned subsidiaries of NPC Resources Berhad.


Acquisition of Protects Enterprise hatchery and marine live fish plant and machinery assets as part of business diversification and expansion for Better Prospects Sdn Bhd.


Completed acquisition of PT Enggang Alam Sawita which operates oil palm plantations in Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia with land area of 8,482 ha.


Completed acquisition of PT Borneo Indosubur which operates oil palm plantations and a palm oil mill in Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia with land area of 7,248 ha.


The Group's wholly owned subsidiary, Miasa Plantation Sdn Bhd had completed the acquisition of 95% equity interest in PT Nala Palma Cadudasa, a limited liability company incorporated in Indonesia engaged in oil palm plantation development.